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Pricing/Deposit Info:


F1  Goldendoodles solid (Golden Retriever  &  Standard Poodle) :   $1200.00

F1b Goldendoodle solid (Goldendoodle + Standard Poodle): $1300.00

F1  Goldendoodle with Parti colors : $1200.00

F1B Goldendoodle with Parti colors: $1400.00

To hold the puppy of your choice we require a $200.00 non-refundable deposit.(remainder is due upon delivery or pick up of puppy. Unless shipping is required then we need the remainder due 7 days prior to shipping, along with shipping costs)

We do have  options available for delivery of your new puppy.

1.  You may pick your puppy up at our home.

2.  We can deliver the puppy within a certain area for a small mileage charge

3.  We can also arrange air travel for your puppy.  Airline fees vary depending on Airline carrier and location.  (Generally will run $425,  Shipping includes health certificate, crate and airline ticket.)