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Goldendoodle Coat Types: Shedding/Allergies

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The more percent of Poodle the better for non-shedding and allergies. F1’s have been known to shed, some even shed a lot. The Goldendoodles with more Poodle in them like the F1B are excellent for people with severe allergies, and normally they shouldn’t shed at all. For someone looking for more Golden Retriever than Poodle, but trying to avoid shedding and maybe they have mild allergies, the F2 or F2B is a good choice. The F2 is basically just like the F1, because it’s 50% Golden Retriever and 50% Poodle just like the F1. However because both parents are Goldendoodles instead of one of them being a Golden Retriever, they normally don’t shed.

Coat types can vary in any of the combinations, some will be straighter, some wavier, and some might even be curly. But just because the dog is an F1B does not mean it will be curly, we have produced many F1B’s with coats that are straighter looking, but because they are an F1B they are non-shedding and great for allergies even when they have straighter coats.