#3 Cole Austin,was born 12/31/2012, I do not have a current pic of him, but his story is so amazing I had to post. 

Hi Candice, 8/2/2013
I am not sure if you remember me but I purchased Cole from you a few months back. I was moving to Colorado from Texas.
I wanted to update you on Cole. Cole and I are inseparable except when I work. I flew to Oregon to visit a friend and brought him with me. While there I was attacked by an intruder with a knife. Cole did not miss a beat. He sprang into protection mode and fought off my attacker and held him at bay until the authorities arrived. While protecting me Cole suffered 2 stab wounds and a 4″ laceration. This did not slow him one bit. Once the authorities had the assailant in custody they gave Cole a police escort to the local animal hospital. He has fully recovered and is great. No effects from the incident. He is truly my hero and saved my life. Come to find out the assailant was a sex offender who had recently been released from prison. I just want to thank you for raising such wonderful animals. I have never had a dog as amazing and wonderful as Cole. He is and always will be my hero. I will send anyone wanting a golden doodle to you. You guys have the best of the best. Thank you again


Hello this is Nala (you knew me as Cheers). I am very happy in my
forever home! My family loves me soooo much, they rush home to play
with me and always say how smart I am. I behave very very well they
say, I do not chew shoes or bother things that do not belong to me!
They take me out and about and everyone stops to say how beautiful I
am, my nana says I got the very best of my doggy Mom and dad!!! My
nana looks at your website all the time, she wants one of my sibs, she
does not understand how they have not been adopted, she knows the
black dogs do not photo well but if people just heard all the fuss
strangers and friends make at my beautiful coat and color, last night
at dog class a lady with a white golden doodle said I was gorgeous and
wished her dog had my coat, her’s looks outside and is dirty looking,
I felt kinda bad for her pup. My nana says I’m perfect, beautiful,
well tempered and behaved!!! This weekend I get to go to the furry
scurry!!! Did I mention I love to sit and watch tv with my family,
well till I fall asleep at 9. My papa says I am perfect active but not
too active and able to settle into family routine without fuss!
Cheers, Nala

Charlie (from litter 12/31/12)